4th Study Visit in the City of Ludwigsburg (Germany)

21st-22nd June 2017

With more than 93,000 inhabitants (2145 per km2), Ludwigsburg is an important centre in the north of Stuttgart with vital regional links. It is part of the (metropolitan) region of Stuttgart, one of the most urbanized regions in Europe with a strong economic power (GDP/per capita: 46,600 €). Ludwigsburg is home to 50 factories, 1,200 craft-orientated and commercial companies and over 2,000 wholesalers and retailers.

Several interesting good practices have been shown to CitiEnGov project and associated partners:
- CEC 5 Demonstration Building (Interreg EVB EU-Project) - Sustainable Building solutions for Public Buildings e.g Gym and Cafeteria of a School Campus (guided tour)
- District Heating Solutions of the Public Utility Company and wood-fired CHP cogeneration plant (Presentation and guided tour)
- Public Bike Rental Stations (Guided tour)
- “Green Room” – A Solution on Climate Adaption in Public Space (visit)
- Sustainable Development of the Residential Area “Hartenecker Höhe” (Guided Tour and Presentation)
- “Casa Mellifera” - Sustainable Building Solution in Combination with an Information Centre on Environmental Protection (Guided Tour and Presentation)
- Information and Knowledge Center / Wissenszentrum Energie