Implementation Pilot Activities

The pilot actions within the thematic work package WP T2 will be focused on the implementation of the developed toolbox in each pilot site. In order to support, based on an analysis of the experimental results, the recommendations for increasing multimodal transport of chemical goods in comparison with road modality. On the basis of the identified modal shift potential for several companies, the cooperation with relevant Logistics Service Providers and terminal operators should be intensified to facilitate bundling of transports and establish new multimodal connections.

Within the ChemMultimodal project, 7 pilot projects are implemented, each aiming to involve at least 5 companies shipping and receiving chemical goods where multimodal transport potentials have remained untapped. The pilot projects are implemented in: Saxony-Anhalt (Germany), Czech Republic (focus on Ùstí region), Slovakia, Upper Austria, Poland (focus on Masovia), Hungary and Italy (focus on Novara).

In particular, it will be tested if and how the developed toolbox can contribute to achieve the following objectives:

  • shift of 10% of the transport from single-modal to multimodal for the selecetd routs by the companies involved in the pilot activities,
  • reduction of CO2 emissions by 5% in the selected routes by the companies involved. 

During the pilot phase, three workshops with stakeholders take place in all pilot areas. These workshops are used to address common challenges and network transport stakeholders. They are followed by individual consultations in which project partner representatives aim to work out details of potential shifts towards more multimodal transport with the shipping chemical companies.