ChemMultimodal Mid-term evaluation & 7th Transnational working group meeting 

Bratislava, 07/08 March 2018 

Ms. Silvia Surová, Secretary General of ZCHFP, welcomed the partners of the ChemMultimodal project in Bratislava. Thereafter, André Mangelsdorf, project coordinator of the ChemMultimodal project, opened the meeting and presented the objectives of the meeting, followed by the introduction of Mr. Winfried Ritt, Joint Secretariat Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE, who explained the purpose of the mid-term review. 

André Mangelsdorf outlined the status quo of the achievements and ongoing activities of each work package, the financial progress as well as management and communication issues. Additionally, representatives from every partner country/ region had the possibility to present identified potential multimodal routes. They spoke briefly about the addressed transport route and its potentials for a shift towards more multimodal transport and explained how the companies are involved in pilot phase, why they are interested, how a shift could be realized and what are the likely success factors to accomplish the desired shift.  After reflection on the accomplishments, identified challenges and opportunities, a discussion followed on the needs for modifications of the project work plan and future steps for the remaining project implementation periods.

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On the second day, project partners held their 7th Transnational Working Group meeting to discuss experiences of the pilot phase between the partner regions. Initially, the pilot phase work package leader Enrico Brena, SC Chemical Development, introduced the pilot project implementation in Italy and summarised first results from the pilot project. The issues included in this presentation served as guiding questions for the subsequent small group discussions. The focus of the small group discussion was an exchange about potential synergies between partners in order to achieve the desired transport shift. The second session of the working group meeting was devoted to the WP T4 Transnational Strategy Strategy and Action Plan Development. Work package leader Andreas Fiedler, isw Institute for Structural Policy and Economic Development, presented the status quo of the joint transnational strategy and the identified challenges and solutions. At the end of the partner meeting, the upcoming tasks including future steps with reference to the conclusions of the mid-term review were discussed. 

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