Analysis and comparison of
different remediation methods and related costs

The pilot brownfield site is a degraded area in the Municipality of Celje (Old Cinkarna)

  • Characteristics of the brownfield:
    • The Old Cinkarna brownfield site has a size of 17 ha reflecting different types of degradation
    • It constitutes around 1% of the city area and it is the biggest contaminated area in the city
    • The pilot site was used by metallurgical-chemical company Cinkarna Celje
    • In the late 1980‘s, it was left abandoned and unrevitalized
    • 100 % city ownership

  • Main issues/problems:
    • Contaminated soil with heavy metals and mineral oils. They can surface during construction and excavation works as wastes, which may contain hazardous substances
    • Estimates of buried industrial waste and tar pits
    • Estimates of buried reservoirs and underground drainage technology
    • Lack of information/research on soil contamination in depth and groundwater in the area
    • High costs for remediation

  • Needs and Goals:
    • Gain substantial information about soil and groundwater contamination
    • Test the effectiveness and cost of selected decontamination method
    • Provide a protocol procedure for dealing with non-hazardus brownfield waste

  • Pilot Action Activities:
    • Detailed analysis of all pollutants on the pilot area
    • testing the effectiveness of methods for Pilot Area decontamination 
    • setting up a monitoring system to monitor groundwater flow and quality
    • publication of a short guide based on the  remediation method tested 
    • Defintion of a protocol procedure for non-hazardous brownfield waste reuse in-situ

  • Involvement of stakeholders
    • Local stakeholders are involved in the implementation of the Pilot Action: Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning, national and local non-governmenta institutions, local public service providers