Digital Learning Resources: INTRODUCTION

A better use of water resources will became fundamental in the future years and decades, as we face climate change.  Human activities that involve water use and consumption can be redesigned to preserve this important natural resource and make a wiser use of it. The City Water Circle Project aims at spreading practical information and pilot case studies to develop a circular, more sustainable, use of water. 

The digital learning resources provide essential knowledge to assess and rise awareness about water use and to introduce or increase circular water use.Technical information regards grey water collection and reuse, rainwater harvesting and use, water loss detection and reduction. A general overview for a smart water governance is also provided.

The learning resources are presented in 7 chapter:

  1. Grey water
  2. Rainwater
  3. Water loss
  4. Water efficiency
  5. Smart Water Governance
  6. Status quo and public perception on water use in 5 European FUAs
  7. Water footprint