City Water Circles videos

Everything you wanted to know about the water circle 

Circular water management is the key in alleviation of the threats and damages of climate change in cities and offers environmental social and economic benefits. Check our short video about the water circle in the city to get the great picture and learn more about the limitations and threats of fresh water sources, extreme situations caused by the climate change and the ways of a smarter and more sustainable water use.

The video was produced by ISD


Salve tutti!

The Italian language video was made by the young activists from Torino. They participate actively in the CWC project and help the implementation of the pilot investment and communication. 

Italian site video

Pilot project in Maribor

It’s time to think on wastewater in a different way.

Check the short video of the CWC pilot acton in Maribor and learn more about new technologies.

Maribor Pilot Video

Pilot project in Turin

The two following videos give overview of the different aspects of the pilot investment in Turin. What is the basic concept? What are the challenges of rainwater collection and purification of the harvested treasure (the rainwater)? How does a lavender take part in community building? 

Torino pilot site 1


Torino pilot2