In order to identify the most promising ICH projects to be matched with the crowdfunding initiatives, to analyze the progress of created and launched campaigns and to evaluate their results, ARTISTIC team created international Crowdfunding Advisory Board, composed by representatives of project partners, associated partners and selected external experts from 8 Central Europe regions. The Advisory Board's activities are coordinated by the Veneto Region, ARTISTIC project partner.

Crowdfunding Advisory Board aims at supporting to summarise the results of the crowdfunding campaigns launched in the frame of the ARTISTIC project, to detect projects criticalities (if any), to analyze the factors of success or a failure of individual campaigns, to check what kind of links they have created and established among investors, public institutions and the media, and to collect lessons learnt in a form of the report to increase the awareness and encourage other regions’ key actors to use this tool to support financing immaterial cultural heritage.

The first meeting of the board was held in České Budějovice in the Czech Republic in November 2019. Since then, council members regularly meet online to evaluate the activities taken in the frame of this pilot action.

ARTISTIC Advisory Board Members
Mr. Francesco Redi External expert, supporting t2i Technology Transfer and Innovation from Italy
Mr. Fabio Maccaferri External expert – coordinator of Advisory Board, supporting Veneto Region from Italy
Ms. Daniela Adler Internal expert representing Association for the Advancement of Steirisches Vulkanland from Austria
Mr. Zsombor ARADSZKI Internal expert representing West Pannon Regional and Economic Development Public Nonprofit Ltd from Hungary
Mr. Dieter Heider Internal expert representing b&s consulting and training for the rural area GmbH from Germany
Ms. Agnieszka Płoska External expert, supporting Rzeszow Regional Development Agency from Poland
Ms. Michaela Rychnavská Internal expert representing South Bohemian Chamber of Commerce from Czech Republic
Mr. Tomáš Michalík External expert, supporting Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry from Slovakia
Mr. Reinhard Willfort Internal expert representing ISN – innovation service network GmbH from Austria
Mr. Oliver Gajda External expert, supporting ISN – innovation service network GmbH from Austria
Ms. Karoline Perchthaler Internal expert representing ISN – innovation service network GmbH from Austria