The business side of crowdfunding –  Slovenia Crowdfunding meetups - SCFM #5

22. 11. 2016 - Ljubljana, Slovenia

The hosts of ‘Slovenia crowdfunding meetups’ are 3 young entrepreneurs & marketing experts, Niko Klanšek, Žiga Berce and Tilen Kegl, which have rich experience with participation in crowdfunding campaigns and are willing to share their knowledge and know-how about crowdfunding, to Slovenian young entrepreneurs and citizens. Hosts are organizing ‘meetup events’ every second month, since April 2016 and this was the 5th event. The purpose of the event, was to discuss following issues:

• What happens with your money after a successful campaign?

• Do you need to pay taxes and how much?

• What about if you have PayPal? What are the traps you should avoid and how to do it.

To answer these questions, 3 presenters were invited to enlighten the issues:

• Ivan Kranjec, from CMS Reich -Rohrwig Hainz, law & taxes consultant, explaining the taxes related to crowdfunding campaigns.

• Andrej Nastran, presenting his product and campaign ‘ – smart watering device  on Idiegoo platform. Explained the process of using Paypal tool in the campaign.

• Anja Žibert, presented the survey from her master‘s work about success factors of Slovenian crowdfunding campaigns.

 More information is available here:

Crowdfunding Meetup

Crowdfunding Meetup