Polish SME Workshop  #6

27th January 2018


27th January 2018

We are launching a new cycle of "Start in crowdfunding" trainings. We will help you in preparation of your idea to enter the polish crowdfunding platforms!

To whom we direct these trainings: 

Start-ups,NGOs, Individuals.

Topic of the workshop: Crowdfunding. Advanced level (for people qualified for the project)

  • 1. Equity crowdfunding - definition.
  • 2. Opportunities in Poland.
  • 3. Differences between crowdfunding based on rewards and equity crowdfunding.
  • 4. Legal aspects and possibilities.
  • 5. Preparing for the campaign: what you have to prepare and additional elements.
  • 6. The course of the campaign.
  • 7. Activities after finishing the campaign.
  • 8. Management of investor relations.