On the German side, a systematic approach was used in the project. There is an effort to connect various transport services in the area. The Rostock port and the Saxon river ports play an important role since they own river ports on the Elbe river, even in the Czech Republic.

The Saxon State Ministry for Regional Development is the leading partner of the whole project and similarly as other partners, is developing the Corridor Capitalisation Plans. Within their pilot action, they are working on a study Mapping of accessibility of the ports of Saxony and the Ústí region.

Another important activity within the pilot project is the implementation of a new special freight train connections between Budapest (BFL) and the portsonthe Elbe river.

The Corridor Capitalisation Plan will ensure coherent spatial planning approach to the development of the OEM corridor and promote innovative and sustainable means of freight transport in the Free State of Saxony. The Plan shall address the year 2050, taking into account the European Green Deal (“climate-neutral Europe”).