The COMODALCE project presented at the first “training session” of the “STEP-UP” project

The Port of Trieste presented the COMODALCE project during the conference “STEP-UP: New scenarios on Multimodal Mobility. Info-mobility for a sustainable passengers flux between Italy and Croatia”, held in Trieste on May 7th 2019 and organized by the Department of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Trieste.

The conference was the first of the “training sessions” organized in the framework of the “STEP-UP” project, co-financed by the INTERREG Italy-Croatia programme.

The project STEP-UP, “Sustainable Transport E-Planner to Upgrade the IT-HR mobility” has the objective to facilitate multimodal mobility of passengers in the programme area, by means of ICT and info-mobility services.

The conference objective was to act as “training session” for project partners and an audience of people interested to topics linked to passengers’ multimodal mobility.

The Port of Trieste was invited to present its experiences about problems in interoperability between heterogeneous ICT systems, problem addressed by COMODALCE and present, with different facets in the STEP-UP project.

Almost 40 people from Trieste and from various Italian and Croatian locations attended the conference.