Webinar ’’Decarbonizing small and medium ports’’ 

7th July 2021

BCT took part in webinar ‘’Decarbonizing small and medium ports, best practices & pathways to implementation’’ organized by Port Of Aveiro (Portugal) on 07.07.2021 (https://portodeaveiro.pt/webinar-decarbonising-small-medium-ports/index.php) presenting the COMODALCE Project and BCT’s pilot action in the session 2 dedicated to digitalization, smart & connected ports.

BCT presented the results of its work and its favorable indirect impact to the port city environment. Due to optimalization of the rail shunting process BCT managed to decrease density of the road and rail traffic within the Gdynia/Gdańsk metropolitan area which had a favorable impact on reduction of pollution, noise and traffic jams.  The presentation is available at the following link: https://portodeaveiro.pt/webinar-decarbonising-small-medium-ports/pdfs/session-two/3-Building-digital-&-green-environment-for-intermodal-at-Gdynia-Port-Poland-COMODALCE-Project-Piotr-Fr%C4%85ckowiak.pdf

Webinar was the international event with speakers from Portugal, France, Spain, Greece, Romania and Poland.  There were also invited the speakers form European Commission (DG MOVE, DG RTD and DG MARE). Webinar was exploring mainly environmental issues and decarbonization of port industry. Provided examples of local based solutions on waste to energy, digitalization, energy efficiency in operations and buildings, mobility and connectivity with engagement with local communities and stakeholders.

The webinar was broadcasted on youtube in live mode with 100 viewers during transmission and 510 in total views counting since it was broadcasted (and still available at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zx_gRhYQLJs&t=11s). Received also a great feedback form the audience and stakeholders. There were 370 registrants to webinar of which 51% were Portuguese and 49% were from other European countries.