COME-IN! and European Year of Cultural Heritage

The year 2018 has been  declared the European Year of Cultural Heritage (EYCH) and it represents an opportunity to celebrate Europe's cultural heritage on all levels: local, regional and national. Therefore an EU-wide communication campaign has been launched to complement national campaigns and to promote Europe's diverse cultural heritage (#EuropeForCulture).

The European Year of Cultural Heritage aims at "encouraging the sharing and appreciation of European's cultural heritage as a shared resource, plans to raising awareness of common history and values, and reinforcing a sense of belonging to a common European space". 

Therefore, the COME-IN! project will make its best to adhere to various national and European campaigns to promote both, European Cultural heritage and the EYCH 2018. 

As a first step we would like to highlight an Italian initiative "Pompei per tutti. Accessibilità dei siti archeologici" - Pompei for all, the accessibility of archaeological sites. An initiative which is closely linked to our project and which we would like to promote. The archaeological park Pompei represents an accessibility model thanks to its itinerary "Pompei for all", allowing everyone, without exclusions or barriers to enjoy the common archaeological heritage, also with the use of new technological devices.

The itinerary "Pompei for all" will be presented on February, 10th 2018, as part of the celebrations of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, which will include the visit to the Casa dei Mosaici Geometrici, with experimental use of bracelets for an accessible, inclusive and safe visit. Additionally, a conference focusing on accessibility to cultural heritage in Italy and in Europe will take place at the Museo Temporaneo di Impresa of the Pompei Municipality. 

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