"Pompei for all" and museum accessibility

Event organised in the framework of the Initiative "European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018"

Accessibility to cultural heritage cannot be given for granted, yet. The Archaelological site Pompei has developed an itinerary "Pompei for all" (Pompei per tutti), which allows anyone to enjoy the common archaeological heritage, without barriers or exclusions. The itinerary will be presented on February 10th 2018, under the umbrella of the Initiative "European Year of Cultural Heritage" (EYCH) #EuropeForCulture.

Additionally a conference focusing on accessibility to Italian and European Heritage will take place at Museo Temporaneo di Impresa del Comune di Pompei, (Temporary Museum of the Municipality of Pompei at the Bartolo Longo Square). In that occasion Ms. Anna Marconato (Central European Initiative Executive Secretariat) and Ms. Paola Visentini (Archaeological Museum of Udine) will present the COME-IN! Project focusing on museum accessibility and how it has been applied to the Archaeological Museum of Udine. 

For more information visit the website (Italian version only): http://www.pompeiisites.org/Sezione.jsp?titolo=Anno%20Europeo%20Patrimonio%20Culturale&idSezione=7644

The full Programme is available here.