Stuttgart Media University and bwcon are about to launch their Cooperation Collider for Culture and Creative Industries ...and they need you! 

Our German partners are looking for Creatives and Industry Partners

What is COCO4CCI?

The cultural and creative industries have great potential to drive innovation - especially when they join forces with other industrial sectors. The Collaboration Collider for Culture and Creative Industries (COCO4CCI) is designed to support exactly that.

We want to combine the best of both worlds: The open-mindedness and innovative approaches of the cultural and creative industries and the experience, strength and technologies of the advanced manufacturing industry.

How does it work?

Together, bwcon GmbH and Stuttgart Media University are launching an open innovation process for industrial companies and players in the cultural and creative industries. The aim is to develop innovative solutions for business-relevant issues. Especially right now, during the Covid-19 pandemic, companies in the manufacturing industry are facing certain challenges that need to be tackled. Creative professionals will help to develop solutions to these challenges with the help of a design thinking process. This can then lead to further cooperation possibilities.

Join in!

bwcon GmbH and Stuttgart Media University are now looking for creative professionals as well as manufacturing companies that would like to take part in our cooperation collider and learn new things from each other. There is a contact form available for you (in German) at Simply register and be part of it. Applications are possible until 8 January 2021!

Any questions?

Do you still have questions or are you unsure whether the Cooperation Collider is something for you? Then call HdM at 0711 8923 2043 or send an e-mail to Magdalena Weinle,

COCO4CCI is an INTERREG CENTRAL EUROPE project. In the Stuttgart Region, the Stuttgart Media University (HdM) and Baden-Württemberg: Connected (bw:con) are the contact partners.