The Culture and Creative Industry (CCI) sector lacks a transnational and cross-sectoral shared vision on what could be its contribution to economic and social growth in central Europe. This goes along with a lack of capacities in CCI for linking up with other industry sectors to foster innovation processes.  

The COCO4CCI project will build capacities for cross-sectoral cooperation in advanced manufacturing (AVM), by creating a transnational CCI collider network. Based on a mapping of CCI potentials and a roadmap, COCO4CCI will develop the collider concept, in which CCI hubs and business support organisations work in tandem, complementing each other with knowledge and experiences from its sector. 

COCO4CCI will train facilitators who will implement an extensive online and face-to-face training programme for CCI in three areas: technology development, future trends and mind-set in advanced manufacturing.  

The project partnership will develop tools to initiate and facilitate cross-sectoral links between CCI and AVM. CCI will participate in different match-making formats with AVM companies, applying open and innovative methods such as design thinking, which will result in cross-sectoral cooperation.


// WE ARE SO additive


The fifteenth talk of the WE ARE SO series - hosted by CREATIVE REGION Linz & Upper Austria will focus on 3D printing and additive manufacturing in the architecture and construction industry.

  • What is additive manufacturing and 3D printing in general?
  • How can new technologies - specifically 3D printing and robotics - be applied to the architecture and construction industry?
  • Which materials (concrete, metal, plastic, sand, wood, etc.) play a major role? Which ones will be of interest in the future?
  • What trends, opportunities and challenges are currently occupying the industry?
  • What examples are there of this in a regional, national and international context?
  • Which Austrian companies are considered pioneers in this field
  • How can creative professionals (designers, architects, agencies, etc.) work together with manufacturing companies here to drive innovation?

These and similar questions will be answered by means of practical examples and insights from experts in a relaxed atmosphere.

// WE ARE SO Programme

  • Intro Session: Christine Bärnthaler (Founder and innovation agent at ofroom)
  • Creative View: Georg Grasser (founder of Incremental 3D & Senior Scientist at the University of Innsbruck)
  • Company View: Thomas Gruber (R&D Additive Manufacturing at doka): In his presentation, Thomas Gruber will discuss the creation of plastic prototypes in product development and plastic building models using the Asfinag application example. He will also provide insights into 3D manufacturing of serial metal parts and talk about 3D printing of buildings at Umdasch Ventures.
  • Moderator: Wolfgang Gumpelmaier-Mach (Creative Region Linz & Upper Austria)
  • Co-organization: Gisa Schosswohl (Creative Region Linz & Upper Austria), Gabriel Gruber & Laura Smith (Furniture and timber construction cluster of Business Upper Austria)

// WE ARE SO Facts

  • Date: October 8, 2020
  • Location: Online via zoom
  • Get together: 17:00
  • Lectures: approx. 17:10 
  • Duration: until about 18:30
  • Registration: via Zoom

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