Startup creates new value from waste textiles 

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The Slovak Civic Association was established with the purpose of promoting ecological and social topics. The idea was born in charitable collections of clothing where there is an enormous surplus collected textiles and unwearable used clothes that, instead of being put tu use, pile up in warehouses and pollut the environment. 

SOBI came up with the idea to change this fact and started to consider the textile waste as a valuable resource.  They started to produce organic products from 100% recycled textile waste and to do it ethically, by  supporting socially and medically disadvantaged people. Production was therefore placed in sheltered workshops, social enterprises or workshops that provide work in areas with high unemployment.

Among the offered assortment we can find a laptop case, a case for glasses, or a shoulder bag, but also a number of other practical products. It is no wonder that this civil association managed to win many awards in a short time.

If you are interested in this startup and want to find out more info or buy their eco products, then visit their official website: