Video(s) of  "Regions and cities fostering the circular transition" online event  (4/11/2020)

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We have recently published the PRESENTATIONS from our interesting online event held on November 4. In order to make dissemination of our activities, goals and knowledge more efficient, interesting and more insightful, we have decided to publish the video(s) of the event.

Citycircle now has a Youtube channel  where we will regularly publish available videos and recordings from our activities and events. 

The recording of the "Regions and cities fostering the circular transition" workshop/training event is available in two parts which you can see HERE (pt1) and HERE (pt2).                                                     

Event programe:

09:00 –  10:40                         

Experience sharing workshop (TU Košice)

Lessons learned from pilot-projects implementation in Citycircle partner cities of : Košice (SK), Varaždin (HR), Udine (IT), Kranj (SLO) and Dornbirn (AT)

10:40 – 11:25

Circular economy business model training for small and medium enterprises

Various circular business models and how to use them successfully

11:25 – 11:30

Short break 

11:30 – 12:30

Joint training for all Citycircle HUB members (BWCON)*

Presentation of all project-wise already available knowledge and analyses of the mentoring needs

*This part of the event is the subject of the Commision (EU) Regulation no.1407/2013 on de minimis aid