Can we break the "toilet taboo"?

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Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

There is always resistance to innovations and change. Part of the process of achieving higher levels of sustainability is also activity on overcoming prejudices and taboos towards some of the concepts. One of the strongest taboos is the taboo, or better said, mistrust in recycling the human waste and reusing its recycled components. 

 The global increase of population is creating more problems with "toilet waste” and increasing usage of drinkable water that is "wasted on waste" is one of the most important ones.

Interestingly, countries in development are more open to trying-out different solutions but are searching for a concept that will not only deal with human waste but also create self-sustaining system that can tackle other connected problems – possible lack of energy and reduced access to enough drinkable water.  

One of more interesting developments is the implementation of “domestic biogas” concept where human (and sometimes other organic waste) is treated in simple anaerobic digesters where “cooking gas” and liquid fertilizers are produced.

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Source: The Conversation