SUGI Project - restoring biodiversity through crowd-sourcing

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The modern times have witnessed an immense diversity in the way people finance their business and technological endeavors. Crow-sourcing is one of the most popular ways of gathering funds in order to finance a startup project. The logic behind it is clear - it involves enticing "regular" people, not investors, to invest a sum and become a sort of "moral" owner of a part of the project. Motivating people on emotional level needs the project to be seen and perceived as  having a special kind of innovative or social attraction, not just to be another "new thing. Crowd-sourcing is, in its essence, nothing new, it is an evolved way of gathering donations for a cause, but adapted to the spirit of the 21st century and digital technology.

It is not just tech-startups that are being financed this way. It is a perfect solution for socially or, in the case of the SUGI project, environmentally oriented projects to establish a financial baseline. SUGI has a simple concept. You download an app and choose a small monthly subscription that will be used to finance various biodiversity restoration activities all around the world. You can track the project you help finance and there are additional perks involved that will make sure you stay confident that your funds are being used properly, efficiently and with the goals of preserving and restoring natural habitats.

It is not a circular economy project per se, but it is an example how the principles that circular economy concept advocates can and are being used in many, various ways, all of them with sustainability in mind. Sustainability that does not impair, but encourages the evolution of the concept of development.

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