The GreenGo Deposit  saves Paris from explosion of disposable packaging

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The explosion of take-away sales in restaurants all over the world has brought incredible explosion in quantities of waste from the disposable packaging. In the City of Paris, for example, there are more than 15 tons of such waste being collected daily and the trend is seemingly unstoppable. 

The  City of Paris and the startup  La Consigne GreenGo have thus initiated the project „Paris 10 s'emballe“  in the popular Parisian 10th Arrondissement. The project attracted cca. 50 restaurants and Franprix chain shops in the area with the joint goal of combating the excessive usage of disposable packaging while maintaining the level of commerce created by the rise in the take-away sales.

The idea of the project is very simple and innovative. Users can download the GreenGo Luggage Storage app from Google Play or the App Store, find a restaurant or a shop that supports the project, ask for a meal in returnable package, leave and bring back the package within a month.

The returnable packaging is of high-quality glass, it has an airtight lid and users don't have to worry about cleaning it or maintenance. It is handled by the shops and restaurants. All the users have to do is to return the packaging.

Read about the project HERE... (in French)