Varaždin pilot produces first batches of bio-digestate 

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The first batches of bio-digestate produced by Citycircle pilot-activity in Varaždin have been sprayed and ploughed on the hazelnut farm operated by project's stakeholder, the municipal company that operates Varaždin's iconic green-market.

As REPORTED in July 2020, as part of Citycircle activities, we introduced the bio-waste separation system to Varaždin's green market; a place where substantial amounts of various types of waste are being generated daily. The system introduced by Citycircle includes distribution of special waste bins to all of 83 regular tenants of the Market: a bio-waste bin, glass-waste bin, plastics bin and paper bin.

Digestate 2

The pilot action started on July 1st and we have noted a measurable increase in percentage of waste-separation activities at the location. One of the pilot goals is to tangibly demonstrate basic concepts and benefits of circular economy principles in real-life situations by producing compost, so called digestate, from collected bio-waste and using it as a fertilizer in Green-market's own hazelnut farm on the outskirts of Varaždin. 

Digestate 1

The first batches of digestate have been produced, tested and recently sprayed and plowed in the field. Green-market's own hazelnuts will thus be a completely "circular" crop, once they grow and are ready to harvest.