Join to the Trend Innovation Networks!

WPT2 aims establishing strong partnerships and upgrading knowledge around the four CAMI4.0 topics: Intelligent Production Systems, Robotics and Automation, Smart Materials and Artificial Intelligence. In particular, in order to foster the creation of stable innovation networks, CEUP2030 partners will involve their stakeholders in the so called Trend Innovation Networks (TIN) digital communities meant to:

  • Generate improved knowledge and exchange on new technologies relevant for Central Europe Advanced Manufacturing and Industry 4.0;
  • Set-up stable innovation networks of stakeholders, where to generate new project ideas and foster interregional cooperation
  • Enhance policy making fostering a better understanding of stakeholders’ needs and related priorities as well as highlighting existing knowledge gaps of the institutions

 In order to foster the discussion on trend and innovation foresight on the targeted CAMI4.0 topics, 40 TTTDM - TIN Trend Dialogue meetings will be organised by CEUP2030 partners involving the regional stakeholders identified in the communities. TTTDM represent the main instruments that TINs should exploit to deliver the outcomes expected and meet the objectives set.