A deep dive into CEUP2030 WP2 – UPGRADE!

Strenghten partnerships for the future of Advance Manufacturing in Central Europ

AFIL is coordinating CEUP2030 Work Package 2 (UPGRADE!) and, together with the other project partners, is focusing the effort on the establishment and orchestration of Trend and Innovation Networks, the so called TINs, which are conceived as communities of stakeholders established around the 4 main topics of CAMI4.0: Big & Real Data Processing & Sensors, Automation & Robotics, New Materials and Artificial Intelligence.

Although activities were a bit slowed down due to the pandemic, in the first months of the project, partners went through the harvesting of experiences, models and best practices coming from previous projects or ongoing initiatives, which were capitalized and upgraded to design methodologies and procedures for the delivery of the two outputs of WP2, namely Trend and Innovation Networks (TIN) and PID (Policy Innovation Dashboard).

After this set-up phase, CEUP2030 partners planned WP2 activities in alignment with the use-cases and the action plan outlined in Strategy Upgrade & Boost of WP1. This will ensure the improvement of regional capabilities in the four CAMI4.0 area, leveraging on the competences and experiences shared in the Trend and Innovation Networks. In addition, the insights on regional policy instruments and strategies discussed during Policy Learning Lab session in WP1 will be further integrated in WP2 with the support of PID - Policy Intelligence Dashboard, which are tools to monitors, fine-tunes and streamlines policy relevant data on technology trends, as well as TTTDM-TIN Tech Trend Dialogue Meetings, workshops.

These activities will feed RIS3 Round Tables and Policy Implementation framework in WP3 toward the final output of the project which is the definition of recommendations for policy makers for the future development of Advance Manufacturing in Central Europe, based on the priorities and challenges identified through the well-established cooperation networks of CEUO2030 partners.

Ahead of us, in this work package, around 40 workshops that the 10 CEUP2030 partners will organize in the framework of the four CAMI4.0 topic area Big & Real Data Processing & Sensors, Automation & Robotics, New Materials and Artificial Intelligence that could either be held at regional and interregional level.

 If you are interested in joining some of the TTTDM, take a look at our website https://www.interreg-central.eu/Content.Node/CEUP-2030.html , or follow us on LinkedIn.