WHO, WHAT, WHEN, HOW, WHY - conclusions of the first thematic work package

Pomurje Technology Park (Slovenia) in charge of CEUP2030 Work Package 1 (ENABLE1!) and together with all project partners brings activities to an end (in Ferbuary 2021). Despite obstacles like “usual” project work this year we faced also covid-19 situation and its measures, but we strongly believe that we managed to set solid ground for activities to follow without bigger delay.

Harvested experiences and practices were upgraded by this partnership towards 2 main objectives (Policy Learning Lab and Strategy Upgrade & Boost) both in function to trigger activation of policy stakeholders in “CAMI 4.0” digitization topics understanding and enhancing the skills and capabilities of the same.

In methodology, “prescribed” in form of 4 deliverables, we surely expected and achieved most important information on current status of competences and understanding in selected 4 topics obtained from policy level stakeholders through implementation of so called Policy Learning Labs. Considering the situation they took place in different formats, from physical to online peer-to-peer interviews. To be able to collect relevant and comparable information partners agreed on so called guidelines, with glossary and proposed agenda. In 1st round of 10 PLL activities we reached over 140 decision-makers and stakeholders.

Ahead of us there is still a 2nd round of PLL activities, upon which we shall be able to collect latest information needed to elaborate final Joint Strategy document including concrete action plan. At the end it is expected to have document of high quality as it has been crosschecked several times also with Interim impact assessments which provided us new important facts in real time.