Progress in Partners’ TIN Tech and Trend Dialogue Meetings (TTTDMs)

In order to foster the discussion on trend and innovation foresight on the targeted CAMI4.0 topics, (1: Intelligent Production Systems 2: Robotics and Automation 3: Smart Materials 4: AI) 40 TIN Tech Trend Dialogue meetings (TTTDM) are being organised by CEUP2030 partners involving the regional stakeholders identified in the community.

Objective of the TTTDMs

TTTDMs are envisaged as workshops that are organised not only with the aim to discuss technical contents and foster the matchmaking among participants, but they also address key challenges and barriers that might be overcome with the support of institutions. Indeed, the targeted audience include participants from the triple-helix to be engaged in the discussion, with the aim to generate inspiring content both for the definition of new flagships projects as well as for the definition of strategic policy guidelines to be transferred to policy makers at different levels.

Meetings are expected to be organised targeting regional stakeholders, but interregional workshops are also welcomed if partner can ensure that holding the meeting in English is not seen as a barrier for regional stakeholders.

Each PP is required to organise 4 TTTDMs from March to November 2021 that can either cover all the four CAMI4.0 topics or some of them according to the needs and the competences expressed in its ecosystem.

Already available results

The first round of TTTDMs has recently closed in different CAMI4.0 topics, and Project Partners managed to engage more than 400 stakeholders!! In the framework of these workshops, PPs were discussing use-cases and industrial applications in the four technology topics, but also the digitalization needs of their ecosystems also belonged to the agenda.

Planned activities

The further rounds of the workshops are being organised in every partner region, so more and more stakeholders shall be involved- and according to the plans every Partner will have organised their four workshops by November 2021.