Policy Learning Lab at HAMAG BICRO

The first Croatian Policy Learning Lab (PLL) was held online on the 29th of October 2020.

The event was organized by HAMAG-BICRO, aiming to  bring together key national governmental  and scientific actors involved in innovation policy.

The idea behind the first PLL was to gather  policy and academic decision makers to inform them about the CEP2030 objectives and to hear their suggestions. The event's conclusion would be used as the input  for the second PPL, to which SMEs as third key stakeholders would be invited.

The PLL started with the presentation "What is the future of the future". Participants were given an insight into the future technologies, particularly related  to Artificial Intelligence and its impact on the future economies and global society.

The next presentation was an overview of  CEUP 2030. It was followed by a presentation on good practices from the projects carried out under the Interreg Central Europe program (SYNERGY, THINGS +, Boost4BSO).

The second part of the event started with the presentation about  EIT Manufacturing. This was followed by the presentation about the implementation of smart specialization in Croatia. The last presentation intrudced  the main points in the draft of the National Development Strategy.

After the presentations, all participants were involved in a fruitful discussion for one and a half hours, with which the event was closed.