Providers of digital technology solutions presented themselves to Pomurje industry and municipalities - topic: opportunities for digital transition

On 18 February 2021, the Pomurje Technology Park (from here on PTP) together with the Strategic Development Innovation Partnership Smart Cities and Communities (f.h.o. SRIP PMiS) successfully conducted an "online" workshop with Pomurje municipalities and industry, where SRIP PMiS members presented their innovative IoT (Internet of Things) / Industry 4.0 solutions. 

The purpose of the workshop was to present the opportunities offered to society and industry in the form of digital technology solutions. The current tenders in Slovenia invite the cooperation of municipalities and technology providers to help raise the quality of life standards in the region, both with the services of the public sector and industry.

9 technology providers presented themselves. We heard from the mayors the expectations of one city and one smaller but very active tourist municipality.

PTP event

The finding at the workshop was that technologies providers are already properly organized, gathered in the form of associations such as SRIP PMiS and ICT Horizontal Network and thus ready for the successful transfer of solutions to the regional environment fitting the available public tender, that requires consortia of at least 4 municipalities and about 60,000 inhabitants. According to the statements of the mayors, Pomurje is in a hurry to organize while technology providers are ready to cooperate.

The workshop showed that from a technological point of view, Slovenia has solutions that are at a globally competitive level so both industry and municipalities got familiar with both potential providers and new solutions that could be introduced into their environments like smart water supply, air quality monitoring, health and home care, smart farming, short supply chains offering locally grown food, logistics … in short all in the context of the CEUP 2030 project and the use of artificial intelligence, robotics and automation, smart systems, new materials in industry.

Among the positive reactions from the audience, one can also consider the indication of available technologies for quality remote monitoring and / or logistics, which would certainly mitigate the consequences of the covid-19 situation, again both in industry as well as in communities e.g. relieving staff in hospitals or nursing homes or, for example, caring for the elderly or any other vulnerable groups living in private households. The workshop served as opportunity to identify disruptive technology use cases to be supported in next 2021-2027 perspective.

Additionally we took the opportunity to invite participating technology companies to the 2nd open call of the DIH² project, which is expected to open on April 1, 2021.

The mentioned workshop and contents will be a good guide for t.i. PLL (Policy Learning Lab) workshop with representatives of various relevant ministries on the topics of digital transition of the economy and society.