T4 - Thematic Work Package 4

The CEETO Network

T4 is designed to capitalize common knowledge, sharing lessons learnt, good practices, experiences from PPs activities a local/national/international level. T4 objective is to set up the CEETO Network, composed by all PPs and Associates (APs). Network Secretariat ensures coordination especially among the 8 pilot PAs. Members will cooperate to develop/implement the CEETO Network Strategic Agenda, aimed at capitalizing T2 pilot actions results, to develop a Manual for PAs on tourism governance model, and to spread know-how among members and with broader PA’s community, opening the project horizons to new target groups.

Networking activities include: design/sharing of new initiatives among pilot PAs (e.g. exchange visits); capitalization of CEETO outcomes by establishing a permanent platform among the Network members. CEETO Network will sig an agreement with EUROPARC broad network to maximise synergies and ensure the follow up of networking and promotion activities well beyond the project end.

4.1. Setting up CEETO Network.
4.2. Development /implementation of CEETO Network Strategic Agenda for networking, knowledge transfer and exchange.
4.3. Development of Manual for PAs’ community: an operational tool for setting up a sustainable tourism governance model
based on monitoring and management practices tested in T2 pilot actions.
4.4. Tracing the steps forward of the CEETO Network

O.T4.1. CEETO Network online platform;
O.T4.2. CEETO Manual of sustainable tourism governance for Protected Area managers;
O.T4.3. Network Strategy for networking, knowledge transfer and exchang.

WWF ADRIA (WP responsible): manages Network & Secretariat; coordinates drafting of T4 outputs; ensure synergy with T2/T3/WP COM. All PPs&APs involved in: drafting/implementing CEETO Network Strategic Agenda (identifyin stakeholders at different levels), using/promoting the Network, providing inputs for O.T4.2 and O.T4.3.