T3 - Thematic Work Package 3

Creating CEETO Guidelines

T3 aims at making a synthesis of the pilot actions results (T2) and at capitalizing them into the CEETO Guidelines, a tool designed to support policy makers at international/national/regional level in the process of shaping the tourism planning an management within and around Protected Areas.

3.1. Internal evaluation of pilot actions: according to a common format (questionnaires/structured interviews) each Project Partner (PP) carries out a survey for the developed pilot, addressing stakeholders & PAs management bodies of its territory.
3.2. Independent evaluation of pilot actions: an external expert evaluates all pilots (quantitative data and qualitative criteria).
3.3. Assessment of policy implications of tested managing and monitoring tools. Results of the evaluations and lessons learne will be discussed among PPs, Associates, policy makers on international/national/regional level focusing especially on th transferability tools potential.
3.4. Elaboration of Guidelines addressed to policy makers at regional/national/international level by gathering experiences an lessons learned from all CEETO pilot actions and activities.

Guidelines for developing a sustainable tourism in Protected Areas.

3.1. RRC Koper coordinates the elaboration of common format involving all PPs; each PP is responsible o the evaluation in his territory; RRC Koper prepares the integrated report on internal evaluation by gathering all PP contributions.
3.2. ERR_PAFMD is responsible of the activity, coordinates the external expert, provides the report.
3.3. RRC organizes a Technical Meeting (Sept 2019, Slovenia) with PPs, Associated Partners and relevant stakeholders to revise teste models and gather contributions to elaborate Gudelines. 3.4: RRC Koper provides a draft guidelines proposal to be shared among PPs.