T2 - Thematic Work Package 2

Testing Phase

The 8 Protected Aareas (PAs) involved in T2 experience significant sustainability-related issues deriving from visitation and need to find novel solutions. Based on T1 inputs, T2 main goal is to test a model of governance of tourism flows within the pilot PAs aimed at
reducing environmental impacts and pressures of tourism and enhance the socio-economic benefits that can come from a sustainable tourism approach.

Starting from the features of each PA (existing pressures and governing structures, collected in A.T1.3) T2 develops a process with a first part common to all PAs (2.1 capacity building + 2.2 participatory process) aimed a elaborating the Sustainable Tourism Action Plans O.T2.1, and then a local implementation of specific managing and monitorin tools defined in the single Action Plans through 8 pilot actions (O.T2.2 to O.T2.9).

A Capacity Building Workplan (CBW) support the PAs manaing bodies in the implementation of such model and CEETO Network O.T4.1 ensures the continuous exchange and coordination among PAs involved. T2 outcomes are the basis to develop the Guidelines O.T3.1

2.1. common capacity building: design of CBW, common workshop, on-the-spot workshops.
2.2. participatory planning process: for each PA establishment/renovation of participatory systems, elaboration of a Sustainabl Tourism Action Plan O.T2.1.
2.3. implementation of management tools set in Action Plans (pilots phase 1).
2.4. implementation of tools to monitor tourism pressures, related impacts and socio-economic benefits at local level - purchase
of thematic equipment where relevant (pilots phase 2).
2.5. final reports on pilot actions (pilots phase 3).

8 Sustainable Tourism Action Plans; 8 pilot actions.

Federparchi coordinates T2, implements CBW towards all PPs involved, transfers results to T3. 
PPs involved: participate in CBW definition; are responsible to implement the model; collect/share results. EP supports CBW activities.