Finding common social impact goals & fields of interest of social entrepreneurs and altruistic entrepreneurs in Central Europe regions

We want to support social entrepreneurs to connect better with large companies, and we want large companies to better collaborate with social entrepreneurs!  To achieve that, we need to find out what social entrepreneurs and large companies need from each other. We need your feedback!
Support this initiative by filling out the following survey in you language - choose where your residence is and click on the link below:

As an integral part of our efforts to produce valuable tools for promotion and scaling of social responsibility through business, we need your feedback In order to adequately tackle the needs of small companies, we want to know exactly what problems they are facing. On the other hand, if a big company can provide support to developing businesses, we want to know what resources they have. Whether you are a social enterprise or a big company - doesn’t matter your input is precious. Your feedback will support us in developing tailor made tools for your enterprise and finding your future partners! This is a very important step in achieving one of our goals - to enable quality cooperation between all stakeholders in the socially and ecologically responsible sector of doing business. And it takes just a couple of clicks!