Social entrepreneurship in Czech Republic

Social entrepreneurship plays an important role in local development, says Michaela Novotna, executive director in the South Bohemian Agency for Support to Innovation. She is a professional in the field of CSR and corporate sustainability. Michaela was responsible for organizing the Regional Authority Award for CSR. Business companies, non-profit organizations and municipalities were awarded for their voluntary activities in 2018 with the positive impact on society in economic, social and environmental field. Michaela became a Giving Tuesday’s community leader in the South Bohemian region in 2019.

World Giving Day Giving Tuesday is a unique global donor movement, driven by individuals, families, non-profit organizations, businesses and communities around the world. Giving Tuesday is also based on the activities of big companies in the social field of their choice. On 3 December 2019, a total of CZK 70,990,649 was collected for charitable projects. 333 donor calls were registered for Giving Tuesday. Most often, they called on individual charity projects to help children, people with disabilities and seniors.

Through the portal, people sent CZK 6,550,674 for charitable projects as part of Giving Tuesday. In addition to financial contributions, material aid was also a trend this year - 5 tons of clothing was selected for charitable purposes and 640 kg of food was selected as part of employee collections.

A new feature of this year's Giving Tuesday is the involvement of shopping centers. Specifically, in the South Bohemian region, for example, the IGY Centrum České Budějovice donated CZK 1 to ARPIDA and AUTIS CENTER for every customer who arrived in the center on Tuesday, December 3.

CSR activities in the South Bohemian Region are realized with the support of the CE Responsible Project, where JAIP is a partner.

Project CE RESPONSIBLE enable connect successful entrepreneurs with social entrepreneurs through our soon developed platform to make strong, long-term connections. It's a win-win situation: while the social entrepreneurs gain the knowledge and expertise they need, successful entrepreneurs create a new business environment and improve positive social impact.