Socially engaged for the inhabitants of Kielce.

Muay Thai Academy works for and thanks to others
They promote the idea of ​​sport by encouraging people to change their way of life. Their potential was noticed by large companies of social potential. The Muay Thai Kielce Academy, a tenant of the KTP, is developing for and thanks to the support of others.

The Muay Thai Academy, a tenant of the KPT Virtual Incubator, is not only a Thai boxing school. It is also, and perhaps above all, an association promoting the idea of ​​sport in Kielce, young young talents, encouraging in new ways to change the way of life and perception of the world.
- The Muay Thai Kielce Academy is an amazing team of people who share one common denominator: willingness to act. Changing what can be changed for the better. Promoting the idea of ​​sport and the city, region in which we live or have lived in order to work, love, educate, pursue our plans and dreams. Muay thai for sport, full of magic, religion, great tradition, rituals and, above all, respect and humility. On the possibility of knowing the border and fears. A great tool to explore your skills. Both physical and mental - explains Hubert Kaleta, president of the Muay Thai Kielce Academy.
The association supports both young, talented athletes and those who are looking for a way to gain self-confidence during training. Relieve stress. The organization itself also uses the help of other large enterprises that engage in CSR policy. They see the potential of the local sports club and this cooperation takes place on many levels. - Some support us financially, others help us e.g. during trips to competitions, others buy sports equipment. For example, two companies from Kielce - Fart and EkoEnergia Polska - bought mats for our room. We received a lot of support from Formaster Group (Dafi). They financed part of the renovation of the building, and thanks to the help of the City Hall of Kielce and Mayor Bogdan Wenta, this year we were able to move into the new headquarters - says Hubert Kaleta and adds that more and more employers recognize that a healthy lifestyle is very important. - In addition to the appropriate infrastructure in the form of a facility, support and assistance in trips to national competitions is extremely valuable to us. The young people who come to us set the bar high, so we want to meet their expectations and have modern equipment of training rooms at their disposal. Equally important as the place and equipment are trainings for trainers, as well as the possibility of implementing social initiatives such as "self-defense for women", or free classes during winter or summer holidays - adds the president of the Muay Thai Kielce Academy.

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