We are inviting you to attend the online Conference: Supporting Economy of Positive Change to be held on March 23rd 2022; 10AM – 1PM and is dedicated towards supporting and connecting actors of positive social impact – socially responsible businesses, investors, foundations, civil society and social enterprises.  


Social Siesta Webinar #2 – How to do effective communication

Save the date (Jan 25th 2022 -2pm) for our second Social Siesta Webinar and learn what are the best ways to communicate effectively from the experts from various organizations throughout Europe. 


January 2022

Social Siesta Webinar #1 – What social entrepreneurs do for society!

With our Social Siesta Webinar Series we start the new year with full power and support for social entrepreneurship in Central Europe. 
The first session of this series will take place on Jan 11th 2022 (2pm CET) and will show “what social entrepreneurs do for society” 


november 2021

They create social innovations

The four-month incubation program is the main prize in  „The best social innovation project competition " organized by the Kielce Technology Park as part of the CE Responsible project. In the competition participated świętokrzyskie social enterprises - foundations, associations and social cooperatives.


NGO and commercial companies – are they looking the same direction?

It would seem that the goals of non- governmental organizations (NGO) Are totally different
from other companies The first ones are focused their activities on social goals, however the
second ones are focused with strict economic ones. However, the practice shows that cooperation of these two seemingly different environments brings out mutual benefits.

september 2021

Kielce NGOs Congress

Integration and substantive support for the third sector, strengthening dialogue and partnership between NGO`s, entrepreneurs and local government, and drawing attention to the need to adapt the City of Kielce to climate change - these are the topics of the Kielce NGOs` Congress, which took place on September 4 in Kielce.


july 2021

A competition for NGO`s from Świętokrzyskie Province for social innovations

Until August 20, Świętokrzyskie social enterprises, including foundations, associations, and social cooperatives, can apply for the "Competition for the best project in the field of social innovation" organized by Kielce Technology Park as part of the Ce Responsible project.


Condition of Polish NGOs in an interview with Michał Piasecki

The main goal of the international project Ce Responsible, which together with its partners is implementing the Kielce Technology Park, is to activate non-profit organizations and pro-social enterprises to cooperate. We talk with Michał Piasecki, co-founder of the newly established NGO Center in Kielce, about the current situation of NGOs in our country. 


NGO Centre in Kielce is already open 

NGO Centre in Kielce is already open. The Centre offers free training and advisory and infrastructure support to NGO`s and those interested in taking up activities in the field of Social Economy.


mARCH 2021


We are inviting you to attend the 2021 Impact Conference, a two-day online event to be held on April 27 - 28; 10AM - 2PM. 




Read about great examples of cooperation from Poland


January 2021

stories of successful cooPerations from croatia

Examples of cooperation from Croatia between alutruistic entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs. 


december 2020

Information Communication Technology AND COMMUNICATION TOOLS

Information Communication Technology tools can greatly improve daily internal communication of business enterprises and consequently the quality of their products and outputs.If used properly and if there is a solid business strategy (they are only tools, not a guarantee of a successful business), they can improve social entrepreneurs’ internal communication and work pace, public outreach and visibility, customer experience, etc.

ict tools


Socially engaged for the inhabitants of Kielce

Muay Thai Academy works for and thanks to others

They promote the idea of ​​sport by encouraging people to change their way of life. Their potential was noticed by large companies of social potential. The Muay Thai Kielce Academy, a tenant of the KTP, is developing for and thanks to the support of others

Socially engaged for the inhabitants of Kielce

NOVEMBER 19 2020

Social enterprise day

Social Enterprise is part of Global Entrepreneurship Week, the world’s largest celebration of the innovators and job creators who launch startups that bring ideas to life, drive economic growth and expand human welfare.

We are bringing you inspiring stories about social enterprises from our partner regions.

Social enterprise day6

NOVEMBER 19 2020

In epidemic, social companies also expect support

The economic crisis caused by a pandemic, affected them first. Tropem Przygody fights for survival and helps others. This is the philosophy they follow as a social enterprise.

In epidemic, social companies also expect support

NOVEMBER 12 2020

Cooperation that will help social entrepreneurs in Slovakia

On October 27, 2020, the Regional Centre of the National Business Centre (NPC) in Banská Bystrica held an online information day for social enterprises, production cooperatives and non-governmental organizations that carry out economic activities.

Cooperation that will help social entrepreneurs 1


Polish NGOs during the pandemic

The pandemic that has accompanied us for many months is a difficult time for everyone. New anti-crisis shield is a series of tools supporting entrepreneurs, employees, but also social economy entities, including non-governmental organizations. 
oOLISH NGO during the pandemic


 „New Normality" - Global Entrepreneurship Week in Poland

Kielce Technology Park is coordinator of their local event that is part of World Entrepreneurship Week – 16-22 November. They organize a series of meetings, events and training courses. The main idea is broadly understood entrepreneurship. 

 „New Normality

november 5 2020

Regional Authority Award for CSR

In September 2020 the Governor of the South Bohemian Region, Ivana Stráská, granted the prizes in Regional Authority Award for social responsibility of organizations in South Bohemia Region.


August 1 2020

Mentoring and Support Schemes

A platform for those who want to offer help, local farmers offering fresh food delivery to their consumers, a free tool for managing NGOs ... so many ways of solidarity have happened in difficult times.

Support Schemes

July 13, 2020

Voucher Schemes

The Voucher Scheme represents a great innovative solution on how to financially support all small companies that had to close their door business during the lockdown.


july 1, 2020

Information Websites during covid-19 crisis

During the pandemic crisis across the globe, European countries set up their own informative website where they published the latest public health data about the coronavirus.

june 25, 2020

We believe in networks and we love, when a plan works out!

Today we need new business models that create value on different levels - thereby going beyond
innovating products or services, and change the fundamentals of how a business makes money.

May 5, 2020

Social responsibility in business survey

Our national surveys are online. Your feedback will support us in developing tailor made tools for your enterprise and finding your future partners!

social responsibility in business ce responsible

April 30, 2020

Miret, 100% biodegradable sneakers

Miret, a social enterprise from Croatia, won at crowdfunding -  exceeding the goal by more than six times!

miret croatia

April 29, 2020

Good practices of the Wodociągi Kieleckie

Wodociągi Kieleckie is the largest water and sewage company in the Świętokrzyskie region. It is also a great example of a socially responsible company.


April 24, 2020

Baumhaus network Italy

A city’s house of an open innovative urban culture. 

baumhaus italy

April 22, 2020

magdas hotel in austria

A little bit different, but still successful. Why? Find out here!

magdas hotel

March 6, 2020

Skuhna - world quisine for Slovenian people

“Skuhna” is a social company offering unique and excellent culinary experience, prepared by migrants from Africa, Asia, and South America. 

kuhna slovenia

March 17, 2020

Social entrepreneurship in Germany

Because there is no requirement for a certain legal form, social entrepreneurs in Germany have a wide range of legal forms, which do not necessarily match the definition of social entrepreneurs put forward by the European Commission. 


January 30, 2020

Social and Sustainable Entrepreneurship as a promising way towards a better future

What kind of legal framework is necessary to promote social entrepreneurship in Austria?


January 30, 2020

Social entrepreneurship in Slovakia

The social entrepreneurship is emerging in Slovakia gradually and young people are eager to work on issues with positive social impact. The companies have to deal with a lack of funding opportunities as specific grants and opportunities to finance social entrepreneurship that is still limited.


Social entrepreneurship in Croatia

Did you know that in Croatia the total number of social enterprises is estimated at 100?



Social entrepreneurship in Slovenia

Development of Slovenian social entrepreneurship is governed and monitored primarily by adopted Act on Social Entrepreneurship in 2011 (SEA, 2011)



How is the social economy developed in Poland?

In 2016, the social economy sector in Poland comprised of 90.9 thousand non-governmental organizations and 1.5 thousand active cooperatives, among which the majority are social cooperatives (60%)


Traditional cooperativism and social entrepreneurship in the Emilia-Romagn region, Italy

Who said that social entrepreneurship can’t be a strong driver for regional economies?


Social entrepreneurship in Czech Republic

Social entrepreneurship plays an important role in local development, says Michaela Novotna, executive director in the South Bohemian Agency for Support to Innovation.



Social entrepreneurship in Hungary

In Hungary, any kind of organization can be a social enterprise, provided that it has a social aim and revenues from sales are proven.




APRIL 2022

newsletter #6

After three years, the CE Responsible project is ending. In the following pages, you can learn about the activities we finalised in this last phase of our project, such as: impact brochure, closing conference and coaching materials for social entrepreneurs. 


MARCH 2022

Newsletter #5

We kicked off 2022 with the organisation of Social Siesta Webinars. This edition of the newsletter brings an overview of the best socially entrepreneurial
synergies from Slovenia. We are excited to announce our final dissemination event, online conference Supporting the Economy of Positive Change.

december 2021

newsletter #4

The three year journey of the project is slowly coming to an end. Almost two years since our last physical meeting, CE Responsible partners finally met in Zagreb in person. Over the last six months, we have identified and selected 10 innovative social projects. 



june 2021

Newsletter #3

Coaching materials for empowering social enterprises were finalised and started to be implemented in partner countries.  We organized the first online Impact Conference together with another Interreg project, DelFin. We launched our net4socialchange platform - a great tool for social entrepreneurs. More about everything in the upcoming pages of our new newsletter.



Our newsletter is out! In the following pages you will find more information about recent developments within work packages; coaching material designed to support social entrepreneurs in implementing innovative solutions and in using ICT tools that can subsequently  improve their internal and external communication.

APRIL 2020


Enjoy reading our newsletter! We would like to share with you some interesting information about our analysis
we have made on Social Entrepreneurship in our partner countries (Austria, Italy, Czech Republic,
Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Slovakia, and Germany).



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