Waste heat in the transition to a circular economy


CE-HEAT project was presented to the representatives of the Wcycle Institute, responsible for catalyzing circular economy in the Municipality of Maribor. The presentation, as part of the framework of European Sustainable Energy Week, took place on March 29, 2018.

Utilization of waste heat from the production of electricity in the chain of hydropower plants in Podravje region was discussed.  Dravske elektrarne Maribor (DEM) presented the project of exploitation of this energy. In particular, DEM have highlighted the pilot project of the Fala HPP, where the utilization of waste heat will heat the 100 years old museum part of the power plant.

Dr. Boštjan Gregorc presented the preparation of the optimal model of exploitation of waste heat and documentation for the implementation of project and activities in the future, which was created in cooperation with professor Dr. Aleš Hribernik from the Institute for Energy, Process and Environmental Engineering.

The colleagues from the Wcycle Institute presented some of their projects and in particular the draft of Transition Strategy on Circular Economy. Several segments of the strategy allude to the possibility of including waste heat as the source in energy supply routes. The strategy was developed as part of the European project GREENCYCLE, the purpose of which is to develop a circular economy system as an integrated approach in support of the implementation of low carbon strategies and additional reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in partner cities of the Alpine region. Furthermore the institute is also in charge of creating a set of tools that will enable the planning, management and monitoring of key processes of the circular economy.

As their interest in low carbon energy and circular economy closely align, the partners have agreed to formalize their cross-innovation sessions with regular meetings and future project collaboration. 

Waste heat in the transition to a circular economy