Introduction of CE-HEAT on 19th Days of energetics experts in Slovenia!

11. - 12. 4. 2017

Global situation in the area of energy puts energetics experts at demanding challenges. This was also the main theme of contributions on this year's Days of energetics experts. At the conference, held between 11th and 12th April in Portoroz, Slovenia, the project partner DEM presented the CE-HEAT project and their pilot.

New and innovative approaches are needed to fulfil the goals of energy efficiency that was put forefront in the EU's position on energy and new climate and energy package. This year's conference indicated new possibilities to develop such projects and search for technology solutions in cooperation between universities and industry.

Projects of utilization of different energy sources are developed in searching for energy efficient solutions. Our project CE-HEAT covers one of the sources - waste heat - the side product of many technological processes.

19th Days of energetics experts in Slovenia
19th Days of energetics experts in Slovenia