PILOT BURGENLAND: Energy Strategy 2050 Neusiedl am See

Innovative participative solutions for engaging all stakeholder groups during the development of an energy strategy and a hybrid district heating system for the region Neusiedl am See

Thematic field: Energy


In order to face climate change and reduce the CO2-emissons Burgenland pressed ahead with renewable energy, especially wind-power in the last 10-15 years. Due to the fact of new circumstances, just calling the end of subsidies of eco-electricity and the high number of hours in which power generation exceeds power demand based on weather conditions,  demand-side behaviour and energy efficiency measures, a huge potential for Power-to-Heat technology in district heating grids in the area of northern Burgenland was evaluated. Based on these facts and the purpose of finding an overall solution in consideration of technical, economic, legal and social aspects for the region Neusiedl, the project Hybrid DH (district heating) was initiated by Forschung Burgenland. Furthermore, the project aims to an overall concept for energy efficiency, renewable energies and in particular to a general energy strategy for 2050 for the city Neusiedl. Additionally also innovative participative solutions are needed to the primarily technical consideration. For this, we regard to the content of the project Urban Innovation. The topic energy strategy 2050 is the ideal framework for the required pilot project within Urban Inno. While the aim of Hybrid DH is the primarily approach of technical and theoretical potential of solutions, the pilot Burgenland aims to the greatest possible involvement of stakeholders and end-users. The in WP T2 collected participatory methods and tools will be tested within the pilot project to improve the citizen and private sector inclusion in the urban innovation process of the energy strategy and the power-to-heat issue.

Forschung Burgenland considered one participatory method suitable in every main category. For the realisation of the participating process, 2 methods are obligate. Nevertheless, FB tries to implement the following 3 methods Living Lab, Motivation Pitch and World Café. Firstly, one of the main tasks is to define how and in which scope the chosen methods are applied.


Forschung Burgenland GmbH

Municipality Neusiedl

Energie Burgenland (energy provider) 

TBH Ingenieur (engineering & service provider) 

ECOsmart (engineering & service provider)  


  • The pilot will involve associations of citizens and cooperatives interested in smart energy solutions
  • University of Applied Sciences Burgenland (www.fh-burgenland.at

    Further formal evidence during the execution of the pilot actions will be implemented over many months and with several different activities.


  • Citizens, NGO and Citizen Associations
  • Public Administrators and civil workers interested to improve the engagement of the citizen in the development of a smart energy regio
  • Local companies, education and research facilities interested in smart energy projects


M1        Pilot Design ready (03/2017)

M1.1     Content change pilot (01/2018)

M2        Pilot tools set up (01/2018)

M3        Starting of Events (04/2018)

M4        Participation Tools set up (05/2018)

M5        Pilot Evaluation done (04/2019)

M6        Finalization of cross-pilot experiences (05/2019)