What we learned during the three years

Some of our partners shared their thoughts and lessons learned during the three years of cooperation in BOOSTEE-CE. Please read their interesting considerations:

Bruno Kessler Foundation - Lead partner
BOOSTEE-CE was a fruitful transnational and cooperative project able to develop a set of solutions exceeding local needs, building styles and urban layouts. The project was thought to go beyond the project partnership in order to offer generalizable solutions and best practices able to reduce know-how disparities and increase capacities for improving EE of public infrastructures in other Central European municipalities.

E-zavod - Project partner 2
BOOSTEE-CE showed there are still big differences in energy efficiency approach among EU countries – in data availability, accuracy of data, their updating, implementation of measures, financing opportunities. The project gathered new experiences and enabled sharing of good practices that will certainly help to reduce these differences.

Energy Agency of the Zlín Region - Project partner 3
Project enabled us to gain experience form other EU countries in the field of spatial data processing and mapping. It has facilitated our cooperation with spatial data providers as well as our understanding of the data provided. The Czech Republic has some outstanding LIDAR and other spatial data available, however, the visualisation is not many times so user-friendly. BOOSTEE-CE project helped us to present data in a understandable way. As a result, we are also able to look better at the sustainable architecture and urbanism, suggest adaptations of the urban areas with regards to the climate change as well as anticipate in 3D models the deployment of buildings with regards to their energy supply and demand.

Regional Energy Agency North - Project partner 4
Collaboration on a project with people from different countries and with different professions and exchange of experiences in solving the same problems in different countries is what I liked the most. Moreover, I have learned a lot about 3D city modelling thanks to the great experience and exquisite knowledge of LP in that field. Also, I have deepened my knowledge in financing schemes and financing models thanks to the great competencies of Tomáš from EAZK who did a great job leading this WP. OnePlace platform developed within the project is what I'm most proud of. This will definitely be the legacy of the BOOSTEE CE project, which will prove to be the best output of this project and as an example of good practice to follow.

Mazovia Energy Agency - Project partner 5
As part of WP3, an implementation and evaluation procedure has been developed with standardized solutions for monitoring and managing energy in public buildings, offering generalized solutions and best practices. This leads to reducing discrepancies in knowledge and experience and to increasing the energy efficiency of public infrastructure in other cities / municipalities / regions of Central Europe. Each participating region has done more work than expected, including they connected the monitoring of energy in individual buildings to the municipal or national energy management system, modernized more buildings and extended the scope of investments to include thermal modernization, achieving energy savings and increasing cost efficiency. The feedback from testing the OnePlace platform has shown that it is a modern tool that can be useful, but requires additional modifications and further development.

Tolna County Development Agency - Project partner 6
The project was a great opportunity for us to learn from knowledgeable partners who already had experience with EE investments, their technical details, finances and most importantly the GIS background. We were quite happy to try and communicate the various results of BOOSTEE-CE - it was a very extensive, but rewarding task. We certainly gained a lot from the partnership and we hope we were able to give back during our cooperation.

Emilia - Romagna Region (RER) and BOOSTEE-CE project - Project partner 7
RER has been actively involved and has contributed to achieve the ambitious objectives of the projects. Thanks to the very positive cooperation and working with different territories and methodologies, all of us has had the opportunity to further widen skills and knowledge. The most appreciated tool has undoubtfully be OnePlace Platform.
During the Focus groups meetings arranged thoughout the project duration, our stakeholders (policy makers, energy planners, regional agencies working in the field of EE measures and Regional/local Administration representatives) have been very interested in knowing contents and potentials of OnePlace.
At Regional level we would like to further dialogue on the possibility to integrate exhisting databases and platforms collecting energy data to be more efficient and useful for our citizens but also to better support policy makers with easy-to- use data and for sure 3D rendering is to this extend very attactive.
Last but not least, the 21st of April RER, in cooperation with FBK, LP of the project has arranged the final FGM online eaching 42 participant, despite the lockdown due to Covid19, networking with projects approved within other EU cooperation areas on energy topic.
Sure BOOSTEE-CE knowledge and tools will go beyond the project duration.

Municipality of Velenje - Project partner 8

Through the implementation of the BOOSTEE-CE project we gained new skills that will help us at preparing further strategies and long-term plans in achieving the goals set in the field of energy efficiency of public buildings.  Added value of the project is also the knowledge, experiences and good practices learned from other project partners.

City of Koprivnica - Project partner 9
Project bring positive and long-lasting effects on the participating organisations, on the policy systems in which actions are framed as well as on the organisations and persons directly or indirectly involved in the organised activities. Project have a positive impact on the persons directly or indirectly involved in the activities, such as increased competence in foreign languages, increased level of digital competence, greater understanding and responsiveness to social, ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity, more positive attitude towards the European project and the EU values, better understanding and recognition of skills and qualifications in Europe and beyond, improved competences, linked to professional profiles increased opportunities for professional development, increased motivation and satisfaction in daily work. Also, joint cooperation between project partners on development and preparation of pilot actions created excellent base for future work and joint cooperation on other future projects.

Municipality of Judenburg - Project partner 10
Although the initially planned measures of the pilot action will not be realized in the course of BOOSTEE-CE, the project has spurred the Municipality of Judenburg to pursue a bigger path of action and implement a comprehensive refurbishment project for all buildings of the school complex Lindfeld with the help of a contracting partner. This enterprise will have a considerable effect on the energy efficiency of the buildings and reduce energy consumption and costs for the municipality. This is a clear merit of the BOOSTEE-CE project.

European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation NOVUM Limited - Project partner 12
Transnational cooperation (and also strick cross-border cooperation) is very useful in that it provides a new perspective on familiar challenges, allows to solve common problems together in an innovative way, and encourages the transfer of tried and tested practices to new territories (e.g. implementing novel ICT tools or financial schemes). The BOOSTEE-CE, thanks to its' activities, was raising public awareness, inducing behavior change in the scope of energy efficiency and was strengthen the transnational cooperation towards reducing know-how disparities in Central European municipalities.

City Municipality of Plonsk - Project partner 13
The implementation of energy efficiency projects such as BOOSTEE-CE shows us how far we have come in this field. Pilot action carried out in Płońsk generated energy savings of 600%, which may look like much, however, it should be remembered that only 2 rooms were included in the investment. Imagine what savings would be achieved if we covered our entire school building with our pilot action? Therefore, we should all realize how many buildings still require interventions related to energy.
Thanks to the BOOSTEE-CE project it was possible to do an energy audit and thermal imaging, which are the basis of documentation for the implementation of the new project. Actually Płońsk intends to submit an application for co-financing for thermomodernization of public buildings, including the building of Primary School No. 1.