Newsletter 04

Newsletter 04
March 2022

Newsletter 04 includes:
    Summary of WPT1
    Summary of WPT2
    Summary of WPT3
    Summary of WPT4     
    Summary of the project lasts meeting

English version

Newsletter 03

Newsletter 03
July 2021

Newsletter 03 includes:
    Summary of the WPT1 realisation

    Progress of WPT2 and WPT3

    Introduction to the modePROCON tool

    Summary of the project main events

English version

Croatian version

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Newsletter 02
September 2020

Newsletter 02 includes:
    Concept of the water monitoring conducted within the project.
    Introduction to pilot action areas and main activities.

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Newsletter 01
January 2020

This is a first boDEREC-CE newsletter. If you are interested in receiving next ones - sign up for subscription (the form is available on the main page bottom).

Newsletter 01 includes:
    Introduction to the boDEREC-CE project
    Main project facts
    Summary of project thematic implementation in 2019
    Other activities taken in 2019

English version
Polish version
Croatian version