Partners meeting in Ljubljana

12 - 14 November 2019, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Partners' second meeting was held in Lubjljana, Slovenia. The team had an opportunity to discuss the project progress, management issues and review the deliverables established so far. What is more PPCP monitoring concept and first results of project work were discussed. Partners defined further directions and steps for boDEREC-CE project.

Within the project, partners want to establish a proposal for an integrated management strategy for waterworks for improving water quality in relation to emerging contaminants and particularly pharmaceutics and personal care products. This mean cooperation with stakeholders and experts is crucial for project success. But partners not only cooperate but also learn from them. Thus, two experts were invited and presented their experiences with PPCP studies.  Primož Auersperger, MSc, from the laboratory of JP VOKA SNAGA, presented “Sampling uncertainty – Correct interpretation of analytical results” while Anja Koroša, PhD, from Geological Survey of Slovenia, presented “Emerging organic compounds in groundwater – experiences and challenges".

The meeting was fruitful thus we are looking forward to gaining further milestones of the boDEREC-CE project.