OMNIPACK - First Hungarian Packaging Technology Cluster

OMNIPACK First Hungarian Packaging Technology Cluster was founded 13 years ago and it renewed its Accredited Innovation Cluster Title several times. The Cluster is a business building community, intended to maintain cooperation among its members and create economic advantages, with respect to business ethics. Omnipack cluster comprises a total of 35 million EUR of market coverage, of which 35% is made up of export. 29 members, including SMEs, research organization and ecosystem actors cover areas such as: Paper and Packaging, Production Technology and Heavy Machinery, including technology fields: Nanomaterials, Packaging for machines, Packaging for materials. Growing interest in Advanced Packaging. Field of expertise: Industrial adhesives, packaging liquids, packaging machines, paper industry developments, production and sales of cardboards/ pasteboards, packaging design, printing industry services, metal cutting, production of parts and components for packaging machines, marking technology solutions, biodegradable packaging materials, production of palettes and packaging boxes, complex packaging sets, flexible packaging, flexible rolls, wrappers, prefabricated containers. DBH PM is normally performing economic activities on the market delivering among others services to cluster members.