Urban walk in Poprad

Poprad (Slovakia)
Activity: Urban walk
Target: Civil society
Participants: General public, Technicians, Higher education and research

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The topic of the urban walk event as a part of BhENEFIT project was preservation of heritage of Spisska Sobota (historic center of Spis region, one of the project’s pilot areas) and the topic of energy efficiency in historic preserved buildings. Participants were presented the specifics of the area, specifics of interventions for energy efficiency in the historic preserved buildings and were shown examples of good practice. 

The purpose was to present the theme of the BhENEFIT project to students – future professionals, many of whom will be working with monuments in their professional careers in the future.

The key issue discussed during the event in Spisska Sobota/Poprad is how to deal with the challenges of the climate change in monument protection area as the usual interventions are limited due to specific regulations of monument care. The outcomes of BhENEFIT project were discussed (The use of Geographical Information System (GIS) in combination with data collection in the historical built areas in the city of Poprad) and ist potential to deal with complex problem of overheating of the place. The tool enables detailed mapping of temperatures in the summer in particular areas in Poprad regarding also its physical structure and this was it allowed for improved decision making of the mitigation measures eliminating the negative effects of the climate change. This was presented to participants and the discussion of wider relations with the spatial planning followed.

The urban walk was a chance to present the progress made in the project with future planners and a variety of tools and approaches.