Testing activities

For the testing activities, it was planned to implement the logic described here using two different commercial solution, one in Poprad and one in Mantova.

The logic and the structure of the two different solution are the same, but each solution better fits each pilot area. Poprad's GIS tool is a design mainly for PA. Mantova's PA wanted to collected data from the citizens so it was selected one commercial solution able to develop crowdsourcing.

This page shows common elements, dissimilarity and potentiality of the two commercial solutions.

GIS Cloud Crowdsourcing solution ESRI Web GIS


to explain purposes and structure of the GIS tool in an user-friendly way 

http://www.interreg-central.eu/Content.Node/Mantova---Project-Title.html http://www.interreg-central.eu/Content.Node/Poprad---Project-Title.html
GOALS and final result

Monitor people perception of urban degradation, before and after urban regeneration projects.

Changes: subjective and qualitative data (from citizens reports)

Time frame: long period

Monitor energy consumption and overheating, before and after major changes (projects, actions, etc.)

Changes: objective and quantitative data (from drone thermovision)

Time frame: short, medium and long period

common elements: monitor current state and major changes over time
MAP LAYERS (Geographic Information System)
Mantova GIS
Poprad GIS
  • Basic map with general information about location
  • Thematic layers
  • Reports (crowdsourcing)
  • Basic map with general information about location
  • Thematic layers

common elements: basic map with general information about location and over this thematic layers

dissimilarity: crowdsourcing is an important way to collect data for Mantova's pilot area


Common elements:

Diagram of the common structure

Diagram of the common structure

The look is different but the logic is the same:

  • a thematic map
  • a legenda to understand the map, on the left, composed by the layers inside the web gis application
  • some data for every object inserted in the map, shown when the user click on the object
  • a toolbar: zoom in, zoom out, save the map, measure, etc.

Objects shown in the map can be polygons, polylines or points.

Mainly non-GIS-expert from public and private sector Both non-GIS-expert and PA technician
  • Available Data
  • Data to be detected
  • Crowdsourcing solution to involve common citizens
  • Available Data
  • Data to be detected