DEViK meeting 

University of Debrecen, “Kazánház”, Debrecen, (Hungary)
Activity: Informal event
Target: Technicians and enterpreneurs
Participants: General public, NGO, SME, Technicians, Sectoral agency, Higher education and research, Business support organization 

informal event Hungary

During the co-creation and brainstorming session of the event, we asked the participants to formulating questions,
interpretations, ideas, and suggestions regarding the local HBAs, their value and condition.

This interactive and partly outdoor event offers an alternative tool suitable for local inhabitants but also for decision makers, professionals, planners, technicians, and students to express their opinion about different urban topics (e.g. HBAs) in nonverbal way.

KEK as project partner identified the key stakeholders who should participate in the informal event for the maximal utilization, capitalization and dissemination of results achieved during the transnational exchange of experiences within the BhENEFIT project as well as for bringing experiences in and impressions on local cultural values and historical heritage.

Innovative interpretation and management of HBAs and Community mapping in analysis and assessment of HBAs

The main challenge was to create a solid and uniform level of understanding HBAs and its management among the participants as well as to motivate and coordinate them during the walkshop and co-creation process as community mapping consists of a group of community members and people with different technical skills undertaking observation-based community improvement. The objective of such technique for managing participatory process is to collectively create an incremental visualization of information produced by observation and storytelling. In addition, the moderator of the event had to have a neutral character to stimulate the dialogue with and among the participants.