Westpomeranian Region - Pilot Action

Sets of lesson plans in the area of multiculturalism are ready! The Westpomeranian Region has completed the next stage of the pilot activity.

Multicultural education, developing intercultural competences encouraging students to actively participate in learning about other cultures, preparing useful and ready-made mechanisms, including mechanisms for dealing with culture shock - sets of lesson scenarios are already available for
teachers in Poland.

Students are active observers and are curious about the world. Therefore, an important assumption of primary and secondary schools education is the development of their skills communication, cognitive and social sensitivity. Compliance with social norms, respect for the other people, the culture of cooperation in a group and tolerance for others are great value schools.

The materials prepared by specialists are intended primarily for teachers in primary and secondary schools and will also be used after the ending of the pilot action.

More information: http://www.wwt.wzp.pl/wielokulturowosc

Pilot Action - next step