The #Socialinterreg campaign

 Arrival Regions supports the #socialinterreg campaign!

The Diaconie Schleswig-Holstein in Germany is coordinating and developing a small follow-up of the Interreg project SEMPRE (Social Empowerment in Rural Areas) that was funded in the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme.

The objective of this add-on project is

  • to highlight the achievements of Interreg projects in the field of social innovation to a larger audience,
  • to analyse to which degree social innovation will be funded in the new Interreg funding period 2021-2027 according to the current state of programming,
  • to publish a position paper underpinning the importance of funding for social innovation projects in the Interreg framework.

Social innovation matters, and transnational cooperation can help generate and stimulate social innovation.
The main objective of #socialinterreg campaign is to showcase the added value of social innovation projects in Interreg, especially in the light of the programming process for the next funding period 2021-2027. 

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Arrival Regions contributed to the #socialinterreg campaign by explaining its innovation approach in a short video.

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