Activities in Croatia

HZPP is contributing to the improvement of mobility options for young people living near the Croatian capital by introducing late train service on Zagreb – Dugo Selo line and by visually revitalizing one of the trains operating on the same line.

Pilot story Croatia

Can young people in Croatia, living on the outskirts of the capital Zagreb, in Dugo Selo, go to the theater, opera or movies in their hometown? Not really. Zagreb is most often the place to go for social, cultural or even business activities. 
Can they have a drink after watching a show in Zagreb and return home safely by public transport? They couldn’t until recently. Although the distance in km is about 20 km, the gap in social/cultural content for young people is much larger. Since YOUMOBIL project is supporting rural mobility, partner from Croatia, HZPP (Croatian railway operator) introduced night train service on weekends, after midnight, from Zagreb to Dugo Selo and back. 
If we improve mobility options for young people, it should enable them to continue living in Dugo Selo.

Also, HZPP wandered if those young people feel comfortable travelling in trains. Of course they do… in the new ones. But what about the 40-year-old ones? Well... no.
So HZPP decided, when modernizing one of those old trains, to include young artists into its visual revitalization. The idea is to create a more appealing interior by displaying artists’ works, inspired by the themes generated during a series of workshops with the youth from Dugo Selo.

While night trains are operating from 11/7/2020, despite the pandemic, we’ll see how the visual revitalization turns out in the second half of 2021.