Tool #3: Cooperation matrix  

The cooperation matrix is a tool that a) describes all possible synergies and combinations between public authorities, private companies, social enterprises in order to implement and manage re-use activities (like a Smart Re-Use Park) at urban/regional level; and b) assists in the appropriate selection process.

It consists of three parts:

  1. Partner List: Identify the partners involved in, or interested in, cooperation in your region, and assign them to the public, private or social sector. Describe also briefly the normal working field of the identified institutions outside of your re-use network and describe which task this institution should assume or take over within the framework of the cooperation of your re-use activities.
  2. Matrix: Define the contributions that the partner makes to cooperation and the synergies that arise for the partner or cooperation. In the matrix, select the number for the respective contribution or the synergy from the drop-down list defined in the "List of contributions and synergies" (e.g. donations, on-site collection, logistics, know-how, repair (ReUse), etc.). To complete the matrix, select the status "active", "not active" or "desired" in the Status line from the drop-down list for the listed cooperation partners.
  3. Summary and interpretation