Tool #1: Decision matrix  

The activation toolbox is a conglomeration of tools produced in the course of SURFACE.

The decision matrix is our first tool.

What it is
You want to start with the set-up of a smart re-use park?
Then one of the first steps should be to check the regional situation in terms of re-use. 
Therefore a survey has been established to highlight the specific situation in a spider diagram.
The survey itself comprises 8 categorized questions with predefined answers with marking from 1 to 5 at discrete steps of 1.

The concerned categories are:
1. Legislation
2. Private Business
3. State Subsidy
4. Socio-Economy Aspects
5. Public Awareness
6. Smart Re-use Park Implementation Potential
7. Demand on Second-hand Items
8. Supply on Second-hand Items

As an example the question in category public awareness (question no 5) is:
What is the extent of public awareness on preparing for re-use activity?
The range of answers is from “public considers re-use as completely negative initiative” (1) to “public is fully devoted to re-use initiative” (5).
After the assessment of all categories a clear picture on the situation is available and allows a decision whether to start with further re-use activities and where efforts are needed in future for optimum preconditions.